Creating Brighter Futures Through Nutrition Wellness

How can what I eat affect my brain? Part 1

Dr. Adrian Bachman

        The comment has been made over and over that “you are what you eat”. What does this really mean and how does that even play a role in the way I think and function? So many times, we are in a hurry and have to grab something on the run and we don’t stop to think that it might have long lasting consequences on our body. Let’s ponder this thought a little more as we consider the current state of many of our minds. Do we get that mental fog throughout the day? Are there times where we have gone into a room two or three times to grab something and never remember what we were trying to get and what we were doing in that room? The studies are showing that by what we eat and what we do affect our brain not only in the moment but even later in life such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Now, let’s consider our children and their lives, so many of them are consuming much larger amounts of sugar, artificial flavorings and wrong kinds of fats while decreasing the vegetables and good fruits their body really needs. What is that doing to their mind and how is it affecting them in school and their daily life? There is a huge increase of ADD and ADHD in the schools today and also an increase of behavior issues. Does anyone stop to think where this might be coming from and what might be causing this? Think back to your childhood days and how the behavior was back then and compare it to how it is today. What’s making the difference? Stay tuned to learn more!