Creating Brighter Futures Through Nutrition Wellness

How can what I eat affect my brain? Part 2

Dr. Adrian Bachman

        There can be lots of reasons that a child could be affected but as we continue to see a rise in childhood behavioral disorders we start to see the trend that so often it stems back to what they are putting into their mouth. We continue to see a rise in food sensitives and that has a direct connection to poor behavior. Is it because they are going to the fridge and grabbing fresh fruits and vegetables and snacking on them as they run out the door to play a game of ball with their friends outside? How many times are they just sitting down in front of a video game for hours on end or even on their phones or other electronic devises with limited to no physical activity throughout the day? How do we even expect their brains to work properly and function in a manner that is productive throughout the day at school? Plus, without activity the digestion process slows down thinking that it’s going through sleep mode, so it decreases the ability of the body to process this food and stores it in the gut, where it eventually will rot. What about the many hours that your child is awake late into the night staring at some screen and limiting their sleep time because they cannot fall asleep for an hour or two after they put it away? This all affects the way the body processes food and how the brain can function. Then we wonder why we have behavior issues and that pediatric type 2 diabetes is on the rise. Let’s consider these many factors and see what we can do to try to help improve the gut and brain wellness of our child.