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How can what I eat affect my brain? Part 3

Dr. Adrian Bachman

        We can understand that the brain is the “powerhouse” of the body and controls most if not all of our functions on a daily basis. The brain can be affected as there is a direct connection between the gut and the brain. The brain talks to the gut through frontal cortex, insular cortex, vagal motor nuclei, and hypothalamus which connect to the gut through the vagal nerve and help regulate the gut through the Enteric Nervous System and several others. Simply broke down the brain controls the motility (movement) of food, release of enzymes, and the controls the blood flow to the gut region. We can simply put it together that if the brain is not functioning properly that the gut will not function properly as well because the main control panel cannot send the message to the gut to be able to process food and pull out all the good nutrients that we need. What can make the brain not function properly? There can be a lot of different things, some of which we cannot control, such as traumatic brain injuries. But what we can control better is the reverse of this cycle as to the response the gut has back to the brain. Something has to tell the brain that you are still hungry or that you have a tummy ache, or that you need more vitamins and minerals to pull it out of the food. If our gut is compromised, then it can’t properly make these connections and leaves the brain in a state of confusion and can’t release the enzymes and process food like it should.