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How can what I eat affect my brain? Part 4

Dr. Adrian Bachman

        The compromise in the gut can happen over time and many times it’s years of consuming foods that are not good for us as well. But it also comes from medications that we are on and dental work that we have done. Now all of these are necessary for daily life and this would not indicate at all that I’m saying one should stop taking medications or going to the dentist. This is not about that, it’s about the damage that can happen and what we do following such medications to help heal the gut to be able to process more successfully. Other conditions that can deplete the gut membranes and increase the inflammation in the gut include the traditional foods that we eat which contain high levels of refined sugars and artificial fillers and limited amounts of fiber in the diet. This added with increased stress, medications, parasites, and poor bacteria in the gut all can lead to nutrient deviancies and increased inflammation in the gut. We know that when we get injured that many cells come to the injured area and that there is often swelling, redness, heat, and bruising that occurs in the process to try to heal the injured area. This is what we call inflammation on the outside, but what do we call it when it affects our gut? Well we don’t know, as often people do not recognize it as it shuts down the pathway to the brain and presents itself as brain fog, fatigue, behavior issues, inability to think, food sensitivities, and many other areas which then especially in our children get them diagnosed with many conditions such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, OCD, and many others in which they are then placed on medications. The body soon begins to adapt to these medications and the dose continues to go higher and higher because the gut continues to become more and more compromised and the gut membranes are getting weaker and weaker allowing good vital nutrients to slip out into the waste. 

            How would you feel if you noticed someone taking buckets of money and dumping them down the river? Most of us would quickly try to find out why they were doing this and try to get them to stop wasting their money like that. Why are we not doing this with our children’s health? We can stop the leaking of the gut that is allowing all the good nutrients to slip away into the waste system, causing all kinds of problems for their health. These nutrients never are getting used properly because their gut membrane has been damaged by all the factors listed above, which in turn causes more conditions to surface and promotes the grounds for higher risk of disease. The simple tool is to slow this damage and eliminate the inflammation in the gut and improve the ability for the brain and the gut to make their connection and function properly. If the movement in the gut does not happen then what happens? The food sits in the gut and rots, causing increased inflammation and damage to the gut along with decrease function to the gut and how it should function, killing much of the good bacteria that we need to better break down the food that we put in. How can we fix this all? Continue to follow us and we will disclose how we can help you improve the gut /brain axes so your children can have a healthy, happy life.