Creating Brighter Futures Through Nutrition Wellness

Natural Solutions Pt. 1

Dr. Adrian Bachman

What are essential oils and how can you use them constantly in your everyday life? How can they be safe, effective and affordable as a healthy solution?

Essential oils can be one of the most powerful nutritional improvements that you can start to use on your child. However, before you start to use them you want to ask yourself what they are and how can they help my child. When it comes to taking something into our mouth that is prescribed from the doctor we are not hesitant at all, but willing to do whatever they prescribe and move on without life especially when it comes to our children. This is understandable and something that any parent would do to make sure that we are caring for our child to the best of our ability. But what if we could find ways in which we didn’t have to use these powerful drugs to treat our children and could find something that was all natural and could be shipped directly to our house and used any time of day? What if we didn’t have to worry that we might overdose our child and not have to worry if they got into them? What if we could find a way to fight the common flu or simple colds and treat the entire family to help boost their immune system and help to ward off outbreak of sickness? This is all possible with essential oils and this is why.

Have you ever tried to peel that orange and the citrus juice came back and sprayed you in the face? That was probably oil straight from the orange that was found in the orange peel. This same oil is extracted from an orange and distilled or compressed and squeezed to retrieve the oils for therapeutic purposes, so we then have essential oils! The best part is this process is done with many different plants, it may be in the roots, bark, seeds, flower, leaf, fruit, or other areas of the plant that are beneficial to us. The oils are essentially the plants protector and are used to give off aroma to help fight off insects that will harm them, but also help in the pollination process which is essential to daily life and growth of a plant. This is definingly not a new concept that came out in the 21st century but has been around for years and years. In fact, we went on a field trip to an old English settlement and while visiting the sites we came upon the old doctor’s office. They discussed how they would use these oils in many of their treatments for healing when medicine was extremely limited or non-existent in that area. We can also go all the way back to the Bible times and realize that they used these natural products from the earth to help heal their body. That’s why they are so powerful today and instead of popping that pill we should consider what would truly benefit our children and help them flourish and grow!

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