Creating Brighter Futures Through Nutrition Wellness

Natural Solutions Pt. 2

Dr. Adrian Bachman

Let’s face the facts: trillions of dollars are being spent each year on healthcare around the world and this number is not decreasing but only going up. Medications were designed to control symptoms and mask the pain, but most importantly they tend to drive revenue and the healthcare costs continue to rise. Why would we want to use something that can be harmful to our body that is only used to mask the symptoms, not heal them, and increase the pocketbook of someone else at the expense of our health. I’m definitely not saying there isn’t a use for medications, but it should not be the first response to fighting off something in our body. Why not help build our immune system and let our body do the work that it was designed to do? By doing this we can use essential oils which will promote our immunes system and improve the core needs of our body and fix the issues that may be causing the problem. Not to mention that since they are all natural and come straight from plants, essential oils don’t have the long-lasting side effects that medications do. The amazing part of essential oils is that it will help our body and improve the function of our body to function properly, but it also improves our emotional and mental well-being also. What medication can be taken that will help improve your body as a whole and improve your emotional feelings as well with no side effects?

Now don’t just run to the store and buy the first essential oils and diffusers you see! There are a lot of essential oils that are out on the market today. There is a much smaller amount that are truly pure essential oils that have the true pure form of oil extracted from the plant. Please keep in mind that many of the cheaper essential oils contain high levels of fillers and synthetics that can be harmful. Even though they say 100 percent pure they contain one drop of pure oil and the rest fillers that are less effective and can be harmful to the body. That’s why I strongly recommend DoTerra Essential oils! I have done many hours of research to find that they harvest their plants in the most natural habitat that is best for them, they have gone the extra mile to become CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE, which means they do not contain fillers or harmful contaminants in their products. They test every single batch that is put together to make sure it is completely pure and ready to put into your body.

DoTerra has an outside company come in and do this testing for them to ensure that there are not any biases in their oils. There have been long hours put into making sure this product is pure and ready to use. I would encourage you to do the same and check into the difference between the different companies. I purchased some off brand from a lumbar store that cost around $5.00 for a set of 5 and compared them to the DoTerra brand. When opening the bottle, you can tell right away as the aroma of the two are totally different. The cheaper brand did not have a strong aroma but smelled like it had a plastic or foreign smell to it that was not pure and did not smell good at all. The strength of it was totally different and the effectiveness did not seem to be the same as well. I have no idea what was in it as they do not say what they put in their bottle along with the oils, but it had added ingredients. When comparing it to the DoTerra you could see that it had a strong fresh smell and when putting it on you can feel the effectiveness of it right away. A good way to compare is, we have peppermint growing in our backyard that we use for mint tea, when you pick it and rub the leaves together you can get that similar peppermint aroma and taste as you do from the DoTerra essential oils.

I know that this is one product that I would trust and want to use if it matches nature the way these essential oils do. I challenge you to test this yourself and determine the value that these oils have for you and your family.

As we continue to discuss these wonderful oils, I’d like you to ask yourself what they would do for me. As we continue on I would like to share how you can use them on a daily basis and the different ways you can apply them to your body. Then we will begin to break down every single oil and discuss the many benefits they will have and help you see that there is not just one use for each oil but that they can be used for many different purposes. It will begin to be part of your life and the life of your children where they will not go to bed without them, just as my children don’t. Please keep in mind that the application of the oils is a little different for children so do not just purchase them and start using them until you have read in future post how these oils can be used for children and the most effective way to apply them.

If you have any questions and want to reach out to us to get started, please feel free to do so. We would be happy to teach you further about them! If you would be able to get a class together with other families interested in these powerful oils, we would be more than happy to come in and teach all how they work and why they are a great addition to improving your health. Please email or call us to discuss further!!

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